Okay, so I’m two days late in adding my cent’s worth, but rather late than never. If I could give the youth of South Africa only one piece of advice, what would that be? What would I consider to be the most crucial nugget of knowledge that they must hear?

I presume the economist would say to the youth, “Don’t put your eggs into one basket.”  The militant would most probably warn, “Get the first the punch in, or you will be punched.”  I can hear the educator encourage his students, “Finish Grade 12.”  The humanist may say, “Look out for NUMBER ONE!” Or the politician will proclaim, “Whatever you do, stay in power.”

Well, to be honest, my nugget of advice is not even a cents worth. It is actually worth nothing. If it were my advice, I would have said stuff like, ‘Believe in yourself’…..‘Follow your heart’……….’Reach for the stars.’ It may sound quite inspiring, and it is the predominant advice we hear from popular culture, but there is only one little snag: It is NOT what God would tell us.

If God would come from His timeless reality, and walk right into our world, what would He tell us? According to Paul, the apostle, “Anyone who trusts in him (Jesus) will never be disappointed.” [Romans 10:11] What a statement! In other words, anyone who chooses NOT to trust in HIMSELF, or in MONEY, or in EDUCATION, or in earthly POWER, but in Christ, WILL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED.

‘Never’ is a very long time without an end. If we choose to depend on God, and not ourselves, nor our connections, then God will ensure that we will not be put to shame for all of eternity. However, if we do choose to rely on the things mentioned above, then we will be disappointed when it comes to what really matters: ETERNITY.

Please don’t misunderstand me, education is important, politics is necessary and inspiration is needed. However, the problem comes when we start to rely on these things as a source of identity and ultimate satisfaction. The best these ‘things’ can do, is point to the ULTIMATE SATISFIER OF OUR SOULS – JESUS CHRIST. If they don’t lead my soul to drink from the Fount of God, then these things have become idols. And idolatry will always lead to slavery.

Let us pray:

I choose to depend on You, God.

You are the Fount of Life, You are the Source of Energy

You are the Satisfier of my soul, You are the ONLY Saviour


No matter my age – old, young, or in-between

Today, I decide to make You, Number One

Your value demands it, Your credentials deserve it

Lord Jesus Christ, I bow my knee before Your Holy Throne of Grace

Help me, Help me, Help me!


Photo: By Jeff Belmonte from Cuiabá, Brazil – Contando Dinheiro, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37232972 


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