South Africa: It’s Time

South Africa asks, “So, how was it?”

How was ‎the one-million man event?

‘It’s Time’ is time for what?

What happened there on the sacred soil?

The sceptic asks, “Why all the effort?”

Can’t you stay at home and‎ pray just the same?

Why bother with the travel, the dust, the crowds, the traffic, the cost?

Does God still speak through man as in Bible times?

From one who was present ‎on the 22nd of April

Here is my response ‎to everyone under the African sun

‘It’s Time’ was a solemn gathering orchestrated by God

It was purposed in such a way that NO man can take credit

No matter how good your charisma or advertising

No man can attract a multitude in such a short time

God sounded a TRUMPET for us to come

El Shaddai, He is the GLORIFIED ONE

‎Hearts overwhelmed by the presence of God

Tears flowing freely in awe and wonder

We were witness to a God-kairos visitation

Adonai, be the LORD of our nation

It is a kairos time for the people of God

It is time to CONFESS our sins and TURN to God

It is time to PRAY for ‎and SPEAK HOPE to Africa

Jesus, RIVER OF LIFE, flow through this land

To the doubters I say, “You try and organise a million by human ways!”

And NO, NOTHING was sold on the grounds that day

‘My House shall be called a HOUSE OF PRAYER for all nations’

Can a nation be birthed in ONE DAY?

IT’S TIME was not a call of man

But a DIVINE INVITATION from Heaven’s court

His children responded in humility and obedience

For the SALVATION of Africa and the GLORY of God

Yes, God STILL SPEAKS and WORKS today

Father, open our eyes to SEE Your hand

Moving sovereignly in our land


Never will we look again to the world


Only in CHRIST they’ll be found

So Christian, IT’S TIME to blow the trumpet sound!

Reflections on the IT’S TIME prayer gathering in Bloemfontein, South Africa, on 22 April 2017, where close to a million people attended to seek God’s face for our country.


I am a bucket

I am a bucket of terra firma

Made to be filled, Yet born full

Full of revolution and self-will

Tip me over everyday still


As container I want the shine

For the gold and water inside

“Look at me, Look at me!”

Whispers haughty vanity


Numerous sources to choose from:

Hose, shovel, hand, stream

I am slave of the breast I secure

Endless Fount, in this pot outpour


For each task an empty can needed

Yet highs and lows still cling

To my walls of insecurity

Endless Stream, flush me clean

Horizon of My Soul

A man, seems to me

Must be totally alone

In order to be totally whole

Until the dear on the horizon

Is not overcome with the Dear on the cross

True life has not pierced

Death is the birthplace of life

As goes for the seedling

Same goes for the dearling

Lady on the horizon

My torrentious longing, my endless void

As cream and cake to my appetite

So are the fair ones on the horizon

Manna and Water alone shall quench

My thirst, my hunger is Christ

In Christ all passion grows

From Christ it freely flows

To Christ my passion goes

Eternal Love, I behold

Ultimate Horizon of my soul